While most businesses have a good handle on keeping their interior spaces clean, even those that keep up on exterior cleaning may miss one significant area: the parking lot.  It may be just a place for customers to temporarily leave their vehicles while they dine or shop, but a dirty parking lot can leave just as bad an impression as a dirty bathroom.

At PDX ProWash, our team of professional cleaners can help maintain not just the exterior of your business but also ensure that the parking area is clean and inviting.  

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    Why Clean the Parking Lot?

    It’s not just important to make a good impression with a clean exterior and parking lot spaces; it’s also a way to lower the risk of pests and diseases. Keeping your exterior spaces clean helps remove materials that can attract vermin and helps mitigate the potential spread of infectious diseases.

    A build-up of mud and litter can also make getting from a car to the entrance a challenge – nobody wants to walk through an obstacle course of trash, moss, pine needles and other debris. 

    Areas like parking lots where patrons congregate can become a concentration area for muck.  Especially if patrons are spending time idling in a drive-thru lane – that much car traffic means that dirt and grime tends to build up quickly. You can rely on our power washing team to keep those areas clean and primed for happy customers.

    Professional Parking Lot Cleaning Services

    Cleaning up a parking lot isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting with your power washer. Our team does a full walk through and will assess any materials or obstructions that could be a challenge. We will alert you to any issues before starting work, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your parking lot and exterior spaces get as clean as possible.

    Don’t Let a Dumpster Make a Bad First Impression

    Dumpsters may be necessary, but they’re not always nice to look at. They’re stinky, smelly, and often are the focus of pests and other health issues. Our team of expert cleaners can take care of mud, grime, and other problem areas in and around dumpsters. Our teams are standing by to clean your entire parking lot, including the dumpsters, during a time that meets your business schedule.   

    About PDX ProWash

    PDX ProWash is committed to helping Portland area businesses stay clean and safe. If you have been looking for a “parking lot cleaner near me”, then we are your team! We will schedule all work to fit your timetable, complete the work to meet/exceed your expectations and invoice without any personal contact (if preferred). We are still mindful of COVID-19 and can provide “no-touch” invoicing.