First impressions are important for any business. While the exterior entrance is usually the first thing people see, if your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, those vehicles will be what people notice first. Having a clean vehicle fleet can go a long way to making your business appear professional and trustworthy.

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    Our team of expert cleaners can get your entire fleet of vehicles pristine-looking in no time.  With our experience in cleaning many types of surfaces, your vehicles are in good hands.

    Mobile Fleet Washing Services

    No need to rack up additional mileage on your vehicles – our expert cleaning crews can bring their equipment to you. We’ll come to where your vehicles are, working with your schedule, to get your trucks and cars looking their best. 

    Maintain Vehicle Exteriors

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, wet weather means a lot of mud and dirty spray landing on vehicles travelling in the rain.  Which makes keeping those vehicles clean even more imperative, not only to make a good impression with your customers but also to help protect the vehicle’s exterior.  Washing off the dirt and mud on a regular basis will keep the vehicle’s paint job looking better for longer.


    Save Time and Water

    It may be surprising to learn that a pressure washer uses less water than a standard hose (2-5 gallons per minute versus 6-10 gallons). And with the increased force behind the water spray, a vehicle can be hosed down and rinsed off much more quickly than with standard water pressure.

    Our team is well aware of the exact amount of pressure needed to wash various surfaces, and we make sure to use the correct pressure and the right nozzle so as not to damage a vehicle’s paint and exterior surfaces.  

    Vehicle Washing for Car Dealerships

    Nobody wants to buy a dirty vehicle – and while the interior may stay clean for a while after a good detailing, just sitting out in the weather can dirty up a car’s exterior in no time. Let our power washing services maintain the exterior washing for you to keep your inventory looking good and ready for sale.

    About PDX ProWash

    PDX ProWash is committed to a cleaner and safer Portland. If you have been looking for a “fleet vehicle cleaning service near me”, then we are your team! We will schedule all work to fit your timetable, complete the work to meet or exceed your expectations and invoice without any personal contact (if preferred). We are still mindful of COVID-19 and can provide “no-touch” invoicing.