Graffiti Removal and Graffiti Pressure Washing

While many appreciate graffiti as art, properties defaced by these “artists” can drive away customers and prospective property/home buyers. Graffiti removal has been somewhat shrouded in mystery, but PDX ProWash has a quick, easy and environmentally friendly solution to most graffiti clean ups that will not break the bank.


We can effectively remove graffiti from most masonry surface such as brick, cinder block, stone and stucco. For most smooth surfaces, we can clean windows, street signs, stainless surfaces, trash cans, public bathrooms, trucks, etc.


Many automatically assume that graffiti needs to be sand blasted, which can be slow, very expensive and not necessary in most cases. Sand blasting can also damage surfaces and make the problem worse. Painting over is typically not a good solution. While there are anti-graffiti proof clear paint coatings, these are very expensive treatments, which are typically not necessary and can peel and chip over time.


Many municipalities require the owner or occupant of any property in a city to remove graffiti from such property within a certain period of time (typically 10 days).


We are on call 24/7 for you to take care of your graffiti removal needs quickly effectively and reasonably!

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    Don’t Let a Dumpster Define Your Business

    Nobody likes a dumpster. They’re stinky, smelly, and often are the focus of pests and other health issues. We’ll be sure to tackle mud, grime, and especially problem areas like dumpsters. Our teams are standing by to clean your entire restaurant exterior and tough spots like dumpsters during hours that meet your business schedule. We are here to help.

    When you have a highly-trafficked restaurant, it gets dirty quickly and thus it’s important to schedule regular cleaning for both the exterior and the interior as well. PDX ProWash has you covered.

    About PDX ProWash

    PDX ProWash is committed to a cleaner and safer Portland. If you have been looking for a “professional window cleaner near me”, then we are your team! We will schedule all work to fit your timetable, complete the work to meet/exceed your expectations and invoice without any personal contact (if preferred). We are still mindful of COVID-19 and can provide “no-touch” invoicing.