Foot traffic quickly creates a buildup of dirt, dust, and grime, no matter the building type or usage. The last thing you want is a dingy looking place that scares away customers and makes your office or commercial property less presentable

PDX ProWash is here to make sure that your cleaning needs are met, and we make it our mission to provide the best office or commercial power washing services.

Why is Power Washing So Powerful?

Power washing is a cleaning method that uses heat and pressurized water to blast away dirt and grime, leaving behind a sparkling clean surface in office parks, buildings, & other mixed-use property types. On top of that, commercial pressure washing can be used to remove unsightly stains, as well as cleaning walls, roofs, gutters, downspouts, and other external surfaces.

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    Power Washing Services for Mixed Use Commercial Property

    Washing and Cleaning Office Spaces

    For business-ready cleaning, the latest and greatest in cleaning technology allows us to get everything presentable without the use of harsh chemicals. Our cleaning techs are trained to pressure wash office entrances, walkways/sidewalks, courtyards, atriums, parking lots or break areas. Our team will carefully navigate through your commercial space, only moving items as needed. If necessary, we can work after hours or on weekends to ensure that your cleaning needs are met with little disruption to the work environment. 

    Exterior Building Cleaning

    Power washing commercial property exteriors isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting with your power washer. Our team does a full walk through and will alert you to any issues before starting work. We will assess any materials or obstructions that could be a challenge.

    Our trained technicians know the best methods to remove moss, dirt, etc., with minimal use of chemicals, while preserving the integrity and quality of your property. If you’re dealing with a multi-story building, large windows, or unique architectural features we will work with you to formulate the best strategy for your project

    When should I get my building cleaned?

    Exterior surfaces of a building should ideally be cleaned at least once a year, depending on the quality, condition and type of exterior. A regular maintenance schedule is a great way to ensure that your commercial building looks professional and helps prolong the life of the structure.

    Common Problems 

    Our cleaning crews are trained and ready to deal with the common problems that you see on external surfaces, including the following:

    • Lime run – Lime run is a common bit of unattractive exterior staining that comes from carbonite. It’s usually a hard white or grey crust along mortar joints, and it can actually threaten the structural integrity of a building. 
    • Black stains – Black stains are often caused by hydrocarbons from vehicles that are eaten by a bacteria-based algae called gloeocapsa magma. Removing this algae can greatly improve the look of a building. 
    • Yellow and gold stains – If you’ve had bad cleaning done in the past, you might have uneven yellow or gold stains from leftover muriatic acid. If not rinsed away in the cleaning process, it can create damaging and ugly stains. 
    • Run marks – Run stains also are commonly caused by improper cleaning as well, and can often be easily addressed if caught in time. 
    • Vanadium stains – Common in newly constructed or water-saturated surfaces, vanadium stains can be yellow, green, or brown, and show up on light brick surfaces. They are caused by vanadium salts that dissolve in rainwater. 
    • Efflorescence stains – Often visible as powdery surface deposits that disappear when the surface is wet and come back when it’s dry. These are often caused by salts in rainwater or construction water.

    Regardless of the type of external building cleaning issue, our teams are ready and able to bring your building back to a sparkling clean state, so that it’s no longer marred by unsightly staining. 

    Exterior Window Cleaning 

    We will efficiently, safely and thoroughly clean windows at your business. We will make sure your windows are thoroughly cleaned and streak-free, which can especially be ensured with a regular window cleaning schedule. Given that we mostly use a water fed pole system, you won’t have to worry about people hanging from ladders and presenting liability or fall risk. To protect your business, PDX ProWash is fully insured.

    Interior Commercial Window Cleaning

    We can schedule one time or regular interior cleanings to fit with your schedule and lessen disruption to the office environment. Our window techs have years of experience and will make sure that you are satisfied with the results. We stand by our work.

    About PDX ProWash

    PDX ProWash is committed to a cleaner and safer Portland. If you have been looking for a “professional window cleaner near me”, then we are your team! We will schedule all work to fit your timetable, complete the work to meet/exceed your expectations and invoice without any personal contact (if preferred). We are still mindful of COVID-19 and can provide “no-touch” invoicing.