Window performance may seem insignificant, but they are important to the ambiance and energy efficiency of a building. Not to mention, windows are a large investment to repair or replace, and not doing so can be a serious security risk. As such, you should make window maintenance a priority. This is especially true if your windows are in cold wet climates like that of Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington, since unchecked moisture, mold, and mildew can lead to significant wear and tear.

Your windows must receive regular maintenance to function effectively and last longer. Fortunately, maintaining your windows is relatively simple. Continue reading to get 16 easy tips on how to keep your windows in good condition.

The Importance of Window Maintenance

Did you know that properly kept windows could remain functioning for up to or longer than 20 years? One of the most important reasons for window maintenance is maintaining their performance for your business or home. 

01. Well Maintained Windows Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Your windows won’t be able to manage the temperatures in your home or business effectively if there is a window malfunction. This could result in heat loss, which raises energy costs. Additionally, the extra heat in the building may need you to spend more money cooling it. You can avoid the hassle by keeping up with the necessary window components to make sure the windows work properly when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home or office.

02. Window Maintenance Helps Prevent Glass Degradation

Cold, wet climates and weather like that of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington are prone to mold, mildew, and water damage if not properly maintained. Cracks and little scratches are among the first indications that the glass is degrading, which can cause it to entirely corrode and become more opaque. To stop dirt and hard water from getting into the glass pores and causing contamination, corrosion, and deterioration, routine care is essential.

03. Window Maintenance Helps Prevent Damage

Windows help in protecting your home. In case of loose hinges, your window can easily be opened and property may be destroyed. Furthermore, when windows are not maintained properly they may rattle and shake leading to injury or leaving your house prone to theft. Therefore, it is important to maintain them to prevent damage and improve the sense of security in your home.

04. Window Maintenance Helps Preserve Their Appearance

Clean and well maintained windows let in natural light and make the ambience of a room feel more comfortable and inviting. Dirty and damaged windows are unattractive and make a business look unmaintained and unprofessional. This lack of curb appeal can be a detriment to your reputation and discourage customers and clients from your business. Additionally, unkempt windows can also be a security risk, as the lack of maintenance and damaged windows are indicators of opportunity for criminals. 

16 Window Care & Maintenance Tips

Regular window maintenance ensures that your windows are operating correctly. Ignoring a seemingly minor issue, such as a scratch or chip can easily lead to a major issue. You may stop that from happening by adhering to these maintenance suggestions for home and business windows.

01. Regularly Clean Your Windows Inside & Out

Make sure you regularly clean both the interior and the exterior of windows, the frames, tracks, sashes, screens, hinges, locks, and handles. 

Cleanliness is usually one of the first steps of maintenance, and the same is true for windows. Clean windows not only provide a better view and let in more natural light. They are also more energy efficient, because clean window panes do a better job of reflecting sunlight and subsequent heat. Therefore, clean windows help reduce energy consumption and can lower your bills. 

02. Professionally Clean Your Windows 

Hire a professional window cleaner every 3-6 months, depending on whether your climate is hot, dry, and dusty, cold and humid, or in an urban area with air pollution. 

Professional window washers can reach every corner of every difficult to reach window, for a thorough cleaning that leaves you with the best view. This is especially important for cold and wet climates, like those in Portland and Vancouver, where mold and mildew growth is common around windows. 

03. Spot Clean Your Windows Daily

You should clean your windows weekly, and spot clean smudges, streaks, or dirt and grime as they appear. This way they don’t build up in between cleanings, and you’re also regularly paying attention to the windows so you’re more likely to spot any damage or other issues. 

04. Clean Your Windows Correctly

If your windows are made of wood, wipe them down with some dry cloth. Avoid wiping them with wet materials since the moisture in the material can cause the windows to rot and could perhaps ruin the wooden finishing.

For windows made of vinyl or fiberglass, you need a soft brush, some mild soap, and warm water to clean them. Compared to wooden windows, they require relatively less care. A glass cleaner is always a fantastic choice to give fiberglass windows a glossy sheen.

05. Inspect Your Windows Annually

A vital component of preventative property maintenance is an annual inspection. Carefully inspect your windows to spot any flaws. Pay attention to the area around the windows, the window frames, glass panes, window tracks, screens, locks, hinges, and window sill.

06. Check Around Windows for Water Damage

In cold, wet climates like Portland and Vancouver you should watch out for leaks, mold, condensation, puddles, and moisture on the interior. Moreover, you can watch out for any leaks or faulty drainage above or around vents and sprinkler systems that could cause your windows to be exposed to water for an extended period. After a significant storm, it’s a good idea to check for these problems.

07. Check Window Frames for Damage

Watch for cracks, chipped paint, sealant breaks or cracks around the frame. These kinds of damages around the frame could indicate poorly fit window frames, or other worse problems. 

08. Inspect Glass Window Panes Regularly

Scratches, chips, and cracks can be small and easy to miss, or even hard to notice. Small chips and scratches in glass may seem like small issues, but if you don’t notice the small flaws and damages soon enough, you’re putting the integrity of your windows at risk and opening them up for further damages.

09. Regularly Inspect Mechanical Window Components 

Windows should be able to be opened and closed with ease. If windows are left shut or open for an extended period of time, they can become less inclined to open and close with ease. To prevent issues with sliding sashes or turning window cranks, regularly check the tracks, hinges, locks, and handles for signs of damage or wear. 

10. Lubricate Your Windows Often

Lubrication is necessary for the smooth operation of casement windows and other types with tracks, sashes, hinges, locks, and other accessories. Additionally, make sure that no hinges, handles, or other components have any loose-fitting screws. To ensure longer use, tighten any unsecured screws.

11. Repair Damaged Windows Immediately

It should be a no-brainer. The longer window damage remains unfixed, the worse it could become. To save yourself time and effort later on, including break ins and theft, fix any problems you see immediately, whether they are a small crack or a chip in the pane.

12. Make Sure Your Windows Are Properly Insulated 

Are you experiencing cold temperatures or fluctuations inside your home or office and wondering how to insulate windows to prevent draft and heat loss? The good news is that improving your surroundings doesn’t necessarily need spending a fortune on new windows. Insulating your window will help you save by reducing your heating bills, in addition to preventing damages that prompt repair and replacement. 

13. Repaint Your Window Frames

As the paint or stain starts to flake or chip away, it is advised to repaint the wooden windows and frames frequently. Paint and stain help protect wood window frames from warping, cracking, and decaying, which result in poorly insulated windows. The paint will deteriorate more quickly if you live close to the shore or in an area exposed to high winds and intense sunshine. 

14. Check the Weatherstripping

A double-hung window can leak at several different places. The three places where the sash slides against the frame, the bottom sash meets the stool, and the bottom of the upper sash meets the top of the lower sash is the most noticeable. Weatherstripping must be used to close these gaps. The outside of the casing, the seat of the stool, and the apron all have gaps to fill. 

15. Check the Caulking & Sealing Around Windows 

It’s time to reapply caulk to your window frame if there is an air draft, a light beam, a pool of water, or an ant path. The goal of the flexible caulk used to seal the windows in your home is to plug any gaps or crevices that could let in rainwater or allow air leakage. 

16. Ensure The Rubber Sealings are in Place

Poor rubber window seals let air into your house. While you can order new seals to replace the outdated ones, doing it yourself will save you money. The majority of hardware stores and window repair companies have rubber seals.

5 Window Maintenance Tips PDXProWash

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